Classmates kill student over girl

Classmates kill student over girl

Atul, 15, a Class 8 student of a well-known school in Agra, had no idea that he would have to pay with his life for trying to start a friendship with a girl in his class on Valentine’s Day. But Atul’s classmate Devendra, who also liked the girl, had other ideas.

Devendra decided to kill Atul and for this, he took the help of another classmate Bhupendra by offering to pay Rs 5,000. He even paid Rs 1,000 as advance.

Atul’s body was found in a field at Malupur village near Agra, police said.

Devendra and Bhupendra called Atul to an isolated area on the pretext of buying stationery items on Wednesday. Then the duo stabbed him and dumped the body in a nearby field.During investigation, police found that Atul had left with Bhupendra. Police initially thought Bhupendra was not a suspect but some cut marks on his fingers gave him away.

He told police that Atul offered stiff resistance and the injuries on his hands were a result of the tussle. 

Devendra’s father is a policeman. Police said Devendra got enraged when he saw Atul trying to forge a friendship with the girl on Valentine’s Day on Tuesday.

Both students have been arrested and the knife has been recovered as well, police said.