Brahmavar awaits funds for agri college

Brahmavar awaits funds for agri college

The Brahmavar zonal agriculture research centre was set up in 1982 with the help of World Bank to help the farmers of the region.

A view of Brahmavar zonal agriculture research centre. However, now the farmers of the region are in a hope that a Agriculture College would be set up in Brahmavar zonal agriculture research centre premises.

The Centre is situated in 139.29 hectare area and continuous agriculture activities are carried out in the centre. Depending on the needs of the farmers, the centre organises several workshops.

The Centre along with Krishi Vijnan Kendra has been working with the farmers for the last 12 years.

Agri college

When former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa presented the budget in August 2010, he had earmarked Rs 10 crore for the setting up of the Agriculture University. Though he had ordered for the immediate sanctioning of Rs 5 crore, the fund was never deposited in the name of Agriculture College.

As a result, the college which was supposed to be opened in the last academic year postponed its plans. The farmers of the coastal districts have been urging the government to earmark funds for the setting up of the college in the forthcoming budget.

A proposal on the setting up of Agriculture College has been sent to Chief Minister D V Sadananda Gowda and other ministers.

A sum of Rs 65 crore would be required for the College. In the first phase, a sum of Rs 20 crore is required. This will include college building, laboratory, hostels, teachers and non teaching staff quarters.

The Brahmavar zonal agriculture research centre Director Dr M Hanumanthappa said that the agriculture college will not have shotage of land and teachers for the first year students. Few teachers will have to be appointed on contract basis.

On an average, 60 students from the coastal districts go to other districts to study in agriculture college. If the forthcoming budget announces at least Rs 20 crore to Rs 30 crore, then the college can be opened during the academic year.

In fact, former district-in-charge minister Dr V S Acharya had appealed Chief Minister D V Sadananda Gowda to start Agriculture College in Brahmavar and Veterinary College in Koila. Now the farmers in Udupi are worried whether the agriculture college will have a set back with the untimely demise of Minister Dr V S Acharya.