In Malnad, it's time for harvest

In Malnad, it's time for harvest

It is that time of the year again, when the trees of Malnad’s forests are laden with wild fruit ready for harvest.

The bakula fruit is one of them. Also known as ‘Spanish cherry’ in English, this fruit is available in the forests of Malnad from January till May. This tree can also be spotted in many coffee and cardamom plantations across the region.

The fruit draws a lot of birds that also help keep the pests in check. The fruit is an important link when it comes to conserving the biodiversity of Malnad’s forests.

It is also said to have many medicinal properties and it’s treasured by people in this region for that.

It is important that the forest department pays attention to this species, as it can be used in coffee plantations. The forests of Malnad are full of many such species of plants that are endangered, and distributing such saplings among cultivators could be a step in the right direction.

Ginger cultivation
Ginger is a huge commercial crop in the Malnad and semi-Malnad areas. The demand for ginger rests on how well the raw variety is processed into a dry form. Shimoga district’s Anandapuram (Sagar taluk) is known across the country for its vast ginger tracts.

Dry ginger from here is bought by traders from across the country including Maharashtra, Bihar and Delhi. Tens of dry ginger retailers set up processing units here, every year. Ginger from Shimoga’s fields is now all set to be harvested, and further processed. Later it is exported to Russia, Denmark and other European countries, apart from Pakistan and Sri Lanka.