Teachers, principals give tips to bust stress

Teachers, principals give tips to bust stress

Board examination

Principals and teachers suggest students not to consider board examinations as rocket science and get worked up at the last moment.

However, they add that “healthy stress” is equally important as it helps them prepare well.

Cynthia Manoharan, manager of St Thomas school in central Delhi believes that revision with small breaks is the mantra to lose fear of exams. “Students must revise and not study for long hours at one stretch. If they study for an hour, they should walk for 10 minutes after that, take light meals in between and even watch television for 10 minutes to reduce stress,” she said. She added that following a time table helps in boosting a child’s confidence.

Many say board exams should be considered as any other exam. Students should have a calm approach towards any form of exam. “Schools give enough practice to students before the final exams. Exams test a student’s skill and not his or her learning power as it is not rocket science. Students should begin studying smartly instead of getting worked up at the last moment. It is never too late to begin studying in a systematic manner,” said Neenu Singh, an English teacher with Bal Bharti Public School, Ganga Ram Hospital Marg.

R K Sharma, principal of Ahlcon Public School, Mayur Vihar said every year many students are disheartened with their scores because of high expectations.

“I will request students to evaluate their previous performance before setting targets for the final exam. A student who has scored 50 per cent will not be able to score 90 per cent till he or she is not organised,” he said. He added that students should master whatever they have learnt rather than trying to focus on something they have not prepared. “No child fails in life. Children must understand that irrespective of good or average marks, they will progress and life will not come to an end. Children must keep their options open,” he said.

However, some also believe that a decent amount of stress is equally important. “Healthy stress is essential to ensure that children prepare well. But there is no point in being edgy and jumpy about boards,” said Ameeta Mulla Wattal, principal of Springdales School, Pusa Road.