800 beneficiaries aren't much to officers

800 beneficiaries aren't much to officers

Girijans run from pillar to post for title deeds in Chamarajanagar

Though forest rights act was implemented long time ago, about 800 Girijans are yet to receive title deeds and 133 tribal settlements are still hoping to receive community title deeds.

According to Forest Rights Act 2006, it is compulsory to issue title deeds and necessary documents for Girijans who are living in the forests and even in border areas.

However, though members of Girijan community submitted applications two months ago, to a committee which was constituted at the level of assistant commissioner.

The application was filed after the issues were discussed at Grama Sabha in the presence of all deemed beneficiaries. Despite this, officers are not too forthcoming to reach the benefits meant for the community to the members.

While 30 applicants are from Yelandur, and 750 from Kollegal and about 20 are from Chamarajanagar taluk, their applications are biting dust at offices since last one month. When the offices receive applications, the first thing they are supposed to do is to call for survey to be carried out.

But, even this has not been done, say the applicants. List of beneficiaries needs to be okayed at taluk level before the district committee looks into it. Following this, the beneficiaries would be considered. However, even the basic process has not yet begun, say the aspiring beneficiaries.

No community titles too

According to the forest act, members of Girijan community have to be given to collect 28 types of small forest produce, which includes honey, some herbs, bees wax, raw mangoes, soapnut, medicinal herbs, gooseberry, blueberry, wild ginger, and others.

About 79 committees have been formed with 2-3 settlements being part of each, for 133 settlements in all. Even those committees have not been validated.

Title deeds

Awarding of title deeds to Girijans was a programme that was flagged off last year. District Administration gave 1516 deeds to members and 25 community deeds.

About 2,481.78 acre of land was distributed to beneficiaries across Yelandur (97),
Chamarajanagar (409), Gundlupet (18) and Kollegal (992).

“Right now, there are no applications pending at our level since we disposed off all the applications submitted from tahsildar office. Cases of beneficiaries, who have not received the title deeds, will be taken up only after applications are forwarded from respective offices, said Tribal Welfare Officer Nagaratnamma.