NCW chief terms 'sexy' as beautiful, invites wrath

NCW chief terms 'sexy' as beautiful, invites wrath

NCW Chairperson Mamta Sharma on Saturday sparked a controversy by saying that the word "sexy" should not be taken in a negative connotation, drawing criticism from BJP and women's organisations which termed her remark as "shocking" and "demoralising" for women.

Speaking at a function here, Mamta said sexy meant beautiful and charming so it should not be taken in a negative sense because problems start when we treat it as negative.

"Boys pass comments on girls terming them sexy but sexy means beautiful and charming. We should not see it in a negative sense," she said in the function held by a women's organisation.

Soon after the programme, BJP criticised Sharma and accused her of promoting eve-teasing by giving such statements.

BJP's state Vice President Suman Sharma criticised Mamta's remarks saying, "it is shameful that a woman who holds a responsible position at national level has such thoughts for women."

"Her comments are demoralising for women and she should be removed from the NCW immediately if Congress is sensitive towards the feelings of women," she said.

Sharma said that it was very unfortunate that the NCW Chairperson, instead of protecting the interest of women, was talking in such a objectionable manner.

Women organisations also condemned Sharma's statement.

"It is shocking that Sharma is commenting on how women and girls should receive the word 'Sexy'. We are outraged and shocked at by what she has said," said the women's outfit in a joint statement.

When contacted in the backdrop of the controversy, Mamta Sharma said her comments should be taken in "positive sense" instead of highlighting as a "negative comment".

"I was positive in my approach so I said that sexy means beautiful. One should take it in positive sense," the Chairperson said.