'Low cost house to realise the dream'

'Low cost house to realise the dream'

In a bid to reduce the cost of house construction and to realise the dream of building a house for even the common man, Nivedita C, an architect from Chikmagalur has taken up the task of manufacturing ‘Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks’ (CSEB).

According to a press release, Nivedita C, an architecture degree holder from BMS College, Bangalore has the experience of working in architecture companies. She has returned to her native place, Kanchiger coffee estate in Devarunda village in Chikmagalur district for setting up a unit called ‘Bhoomikala’.

The CSE blocks manufactured in Bhoomikala are eco-friendly as they are made up of soil and small quantity of sand and cement unlike the buildings built using conventional bricks.

The volume of cement used in these blocks is nine percent less and sand is 21 percent less per unit volume of mortar. CSEB is compressed under a load of 15 tonnes and cured with water. Baking is not required. The construction cost using CSEB is 30 percent less than that of conventional bricks. A 1500 sq ft house using CSEB can be built in merely 30 days. The houses walls need not be plastered and painted. HUDCO has been creating awareness and promoting the use of CSEB.

This form of blocks were first introduced by Raul Remirez of Colombia. CSEB has been used worldwide since 1989. This is being used in France, Brazil, Colombia and other Latin American countries. CSEB is slowly gaining popularity in India in states like Pondichery, Kerala, Maharashtra and Karnataka.

The CSEB has several advantages to its credit. As the blocks are produced in the construction site itself, it will save the transportation, fuel, time and money. Well desinged CSEB houses can withstand heavy rain, snow fall or fost.

Nivedita has also plans to expand her business by setting up a second unit in Kodagu district and the firm will indulge in full package services including design, material supply and execution. For more information interested can contact Nivedita at 9482581220 or e-mail her to .