Phones in town go dead as careless PWD cuts BSNL cables

Phones in town go dead as careless PWD cuts BSNL cables

Office work affected, bank customers return disappointed

Telecommunication services came to a standstill on Monday in Manchanabale and neighbouring villages in the taluk as BSNL cables were damaged during road-widening work undertaken by the PWD.

The connections were cut the entire day, denying all citizens telephone services. The lack of internet connection affected work, especially in banks and other offices. Hundreds of village residents, who had come to the banks to withdraw or deposit money, had to return home unsuccessful. 

The bank employees, however, had a worse time, trying to explain to the customers the failure in the connections.

Disappointed customers“The customers were especially large in number on Monday as the previous day was a holiday, but had to return disappointed. But we could not carry out any computer-related programme. Financial work too was heavily affected,” said S V Narayan, manager of the Pragathi Grameena Bank, Manchanabale branch, speaking to Deccan Herald. 

“We have opened the branch recently, and did not expect such a problem so soon,” he added.Sudarshan Poojar, senior officer of BSNL, visited Manchanabale to inspect the situation.

Visiting the place were the cables were cut, he accused the PWD of damaging BSNL wires on the pretext of widening roads. “The entire village has struggled on account of this. The loss will amount to approximately Rs 10,000. Repair of the cables will mean further expenditure for the company,” he added. 

He explained that BSNL cables are damaged if any development work on ground, save those related to roads, is carried out. “The roads are dug up unsystematically, without remembering the cables are laid barely a few feet into the ground and can easily be damaged.”

Apology demandedPoojar demanded an apology from the PWD, along with making good the losses to BSNL. “If not, we will have to lodge a police complaint. I have already mentioned about the matter to the District Superintendent of Police as well as the Deputy Commissioner,” he warned.
‘Inform BSNL before work’BSNL officers have requested that they or other staff of the company be informed before the PWD or any other company takes up developmental work involving digging up of roads.

They said the telephone connection is cut off if the cables are damaged during such work. The loss is also heavy. “If we are informed before-hand of the work, we will come to the site and direct the workers on how to avoid damage to the underground wires,” they said.