Navigating through the maze

Navigating through the maze


The students of MES College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Malleswaram, were a highly excited bunch as they organised Chakravyuh, an inter-collegiate commerce and management fest, over the weekend. Organised by the department of commerce, the fest had students from over 15 colleges like Christ University, Kristu Jayanthi, M S Ramaiah and Acharya College taking part.

The entire campus was decorated with posters and banners as youngsters thronged the place to showcase their skills in the fields of business and management.

Several events were held over the course of the day. Some of these events were mock press, mock stock, business quiz, best manager, entrepreneurship and marketing. The students from various colleges took part in each of these events with MES students playing warm hosts.

If business quiz had students showcasing their knowledge about the industry, mock press had the students playing the spokesperson of a company and answering the questions of the press. For the participants, every event was quite an enlightening experience.

Juhi Sharma, a student of Christ University, attended the fest to take part in the mock press. “This is the first fest that I am attending. I had to represent two companies, Kingfisher and Kotak. There were several rounds but being the spokesperson of the company was the most strenuous. But on the whole, it’s been a fun experience,” she said.

Naresh, a student of BBM from Ramaiah, was another participant of mock press. On being asked about his participation in the fest, he said, “It’s been an amazing experience. I had a really good time. Besides, it was not as stressful as I expected it to be.” 

The organisers of the fest were thrilled with the response they got from the colleges of the City. Said Mahesh, a student of final year BCom, who was one of the student organisers, “We are extremely happy with the response as around 15 colleges took part in the fest.” The students had surely put in a lot of hard work as he added, “We had been planning this event around for three to four weeks.”

In the end, Christ University walked away with the title of the overall winners of the fest.