Fling-A- Frog

Fling-A- Frog

Making friend's go yuck

Cut out this pattern of the plastered frog along the dotted line. Then pick two different types of fabric. One of a dark green print for the top and a plain shade to contrast with it, for the underside of your frog. Place the paper frog onto the fabric, mark out the boundaries in pen, and cut out both frog outlines as shown in 1.

Diagram No 2 shows the 2 sides having been stitched together all around except for a hole left at the bum! Turn your frog inside out so that your stitches don’t show and now fill it in with green gram dal! Yes...you read it right, this is a dal-filled frog! And don’t fill it in too tightly-packed. A slightly loose fill gives the frog a sort of life-like fluidity. When you fling it at your friend, it’s arms will wrap themselves around the wrist or neck of the friend, who will then yell, “YUCKKKK!” in this most satisfying manner!

Once the green gram is filled, stitch up the frog’s bottom so no green gram droppings are found! Draw on the eyes with a felt-tipped pen and your froggie should look something like what’s shown in 3. He’s ready to be flung! If you’re not the type you flings things and frightens friends and would prefer a cuddly frog, fill him up with cotton.  

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