Candles lit to support tsunami victims

Candles lit to support tsunami victims

Schoolchildren and some residents of the Capital lit candles at the Japan Foundation here on Sunday to show solidarity to victims and families of last year’s tsunami and earthquake in Japan.

According to Japanese authorities, 16,000 people were killed, 6,000 injured and half a million were rendered homeless after the natural disaster hit the country.

The ‘Light Up Nippon’ project was held here at the Japan Foundation’s office and at 10 disaster-stricken areas in Tohoku, Japan, as a requiem for those who suffered the earthquake. This project involves communities supporting the ictims to carry on with their lives.

Yoshitake Takada, a young businessman, came up with the idea of launching thousands of firework in Tohoku to remember the victims.

“I tried to get it done in Delhi as well but it was becoming an expensive affair. It is also difficult to organise such an event in Delhi. But this effort will culminate in a series of simultaneous firework displays at the 10 locations. I am grateful to Indian companies that have regularly sent gifts and money to victims,” he said.

“We participated because we want to give support to Japan and those who were affected by the disaster. I am sure Japan will continue to fight fear,” said Sachin Pal from Munni International school in Uttam Nagar.