'We still respect you'

'We still respect you'

Changing Dynamics

Many teachers feel students don’t respect them the way the earlier generation used to.

Since time immemorial teachers are considered to be a gift of god to the students. Their contribution towards society is immense. The bond between a teacher and a student is sometimes so strong that they share even their personal problems.
To get a brief overview of student- teacher relationships, Metrolife visited a few colleges in the City.

“The human interaction between teachers and students is decreasing day by day, and limited only to academic purposes,” says Dr N Sathyananda, Principal, Vijaya College. “Earlier, students were extremely obedient and respected their teachers highly. For any information, they were solely dependent on teachers but nowadays there are more and more sources of information outside classrooms.” he added.
 Students from the same college said: “School teachers were more encouraging and took care of us at every step but in college they do not give us much attention. I miss my school days very much,” said another student who also felt that, “teachers give more attention and importance only to those students who score high marks and perform well in class.”

“Some of the teachers are very good, they listen to us and maintain relationships beyond academics but most of the teachers are very reserved. Sometimes they are very arrogant and do not respond to greetings outside the class.”
 Dr Kavita Shastri, senior lecturer, BHS College says, “Teachers’ Day is not only meant to celebrate the day with gifts from students but it is also about understanding why it is observed. Students wish me all through that day by calling, e-mailing and SMSing and I feel very proud being a teacher.”
Vidya, a IIIrd year BCom student from BHS College feels that, “The level of respect given by today’s students to their teachers is same as what our parents gave to their teachers. The only difference is that today's students are very open and have a comfortable relation with their teachers.”