Make your own smiley key ring

Make your own smiley key ring

If an aunt or a cousin makes soft toys, it is quite likely that they will have a lot of leftover pieces of fake fur which cannot quite help them make another toy.

You could put these pieces to good use by making funky key chains for yourself or as gifts.

Here’s what you will need:

* Good quality fake fur

* Bits of waste silk cloth, sourced from the friendly neighbourhood tailor

* A pair of oval-shaped plastic eyes, or a pair of small, colourful plastic cooling glasses

* Stainless steel or gold coated key rings, which are readily available in fancy shops

* Threads (No. 10)

* A crochet needle

* A piece of cardboard

* A tapestry needle

* A pair of scissors

* Fabric glue

* Bits of cloth in shades of red or pink


* Draw a circle with a radius of one inch on the cardboard and cut it out evenly

* Place the cardboard circle on the back of the fur and on the wrong side of the silk cloth

* Trace the outline of the circle and cut out the same

* Repeat the process for another circle

* Place the wrong sides of the fur and cloth, facing each other and place the last ring of the key chain inbetween. Stitch it in. Begin stitching from the top such that the direction of the hair in the fur faces downwards

* Use button-hole stitches with a single strand of thread to sew around the circle

* Leave a small opening to turn your work inside out and close the opening by hemming it in such a way that it does not look obvious

 * Comb the hair of the fur to cover the stitches

* Stick on the eyes

* Cut out lips from the bits of red or pink cloth and glue them on
Your smiley key chain is ready for use.