Fatter purse for govt staff

Fatter purse for govt staff

After six years, the State government on Wednesday proposed to effect revision on salaries of its employees, based on the recommendations of the official pay committee constituted in June 2011.

As per the committee’s recommendation, the total hike in salaries is 22.5 pc, inclusive of 15 pc interim relief, which was announced in November, 2011.

The hike is expected to cost the State government an additional expenditure of Rs 4,450 crore.

The revised pay scales, allowances and pensions which are proposed to come into effect from April 1, will have 76.75 pc DA merged with the basic pay.

The 76.75 pc includes the pending total accumulated DA of around 69.5 pc from 2006 to December 2011 plus around 7.5 pc accumulated DA from January 2012 to June 2012. From June onwards, the 7.5 pc DA will continue as usual.  

Four slabs

The salaries have been divided into four slabs – for group ‘D’ employees, first division assistants, class I officers, and KAS and posts occupied by non-IAS officers.

Group D workers (minimum pay scale) who were being paid Rs 4,800 in Bangalore city will now be paid around Rs 12,400 (9,600 basic + 25 pc HRA + Rs 300 CCA).

The same worker in ‘B’ class cities/towns will get 16 pc HRA; those in ‘C‘ class cities/towns will get 10 pc HRA; and those in ‘D’ class cities/towns will get 7 pc HRA. They will not be entitled to CCA. KAS officers who occupy posts which could be occupied by KAS officers and non-IAS officers in cities who come under the maximum payscale slab were being paid a basic salary of Rs 39,900.

As per the proposed revision, they will now get a basic salary of Rs 79,800 plus. If 25 pc HRA plus Rs 400 CCA is added, they will get a salary of Rs 1 lakh or more. There are around 12 lakh government employees including pensioners.

The Karnataka State Government Employees’ Association president U D Narasimhaiah said that the pay revision was disappointing and that the Association would reject the proposal.

“The government has only effected 22.5 pc salary hike, while we had demanded a 40 pc hike. With the growing inflation, the plight of government employees is bad, and we have been met out injustice. The chief minister should set this right,” he said.

Proposed salary revision

* Minimum pay (basic) as in 2006 – Rs 4,800; proposed pay – Rs 9,600 (Group ‘D’ employees)
* Minimum pay (basic) as in 2006 – Rs 7,275; proposed pay – Rs 14,550 (I Division Assistants)
* Maximum pay (basic) as in 2006 – Rs 28,275; proposed pay – Rs 56,550 (Class I officers)
* Max pay (basic) as in 2006 – Rs 39,900; proposed pay – Rs 79,800 (KAS and posts occupied by non-IAS officers)


* House Rental Allowance, classification of cities, towns, other places reduced from six to four groups. Minimum rate HRA increased from 6 pc to 7 pc
* CCA increased from Rs 80 – Rs 300 to Rs 250 – Rs 400
* Medical allowance for group ‘C’ and ‘D’ employees increased from Rs 50 per month to Rs 100 per month
* Other allowances, special allowance and benefits increased.

Retirement benefits

* Minimum and maximum pension to be Rs 4,800 per month and Rs 39,900 per month respectively
* Minimum and maximum family pension to be Rs 4,800 per month and Rs 23,940 per month respectively
* Pension/family pension of past retirees to be calculated by adding to basic pension/family pension as on April 1, 2012; DA at 76.75 pc and fitment benefit of 22.5 pc subject to a minimum of Rs 4,800 per month