For the photographer in you

For the photographer in you

For the photographer in you

Ever imagined sitting through a class on wildlife photography in Ranthambore National Park? or having to attend a historical photography session in Belur?

The 36-year-old Youth Photographic Society, established in 1973, has  diversified its activities and made sure it energises every one of its sessions with outdoor shoots.
Their outdoor photography sessions are particularly interesting and helps one exploit one’s imagination to the hilt, through effective workshops and training sessions.  
Known as YPS, for short, Youth Photographic Society boasts of nothing less than 400 members.

The founders, M Vishwanath and Gowrishankar, have laid emphasis on the practical aspects of photography and have dedicated a large part of the time to the same.
Meetings are sacred time for the members, they meet on the first, third and the fifth Mondays of every month between 6.30 pm and 8.30 pm. Their meetings which began at the Kanteerava Stadium has moved on to the Hobby Club near Yavanika.

The members are classified into two categories — life time members and temporary members. Not all of them flaunt a professional streak, there are amateurs among them as well.

People from all professions can walk in and become a member of the Club. There is no specific age limit with the youngest member being 13-years-old.

Exhibitions, workshops, courses in basic and advanced photography and  outdoor classes form an integral part of the society’s activities. There’s no fixed schedule and the members venture out on outdoor shoots when time and convenience match.

Locations for the workshops are carefully chosen to facilitate maximum learning and outdoor experience. Hampi, Bandipur National Park, Ranthambore National Park and Nagarhole are among the choicest of locations.

And their exhibitions are an offshoot of random themes like Monuments of Karnataka and India, Wildlife, Black and White. The latest theme was Faces, where people came up with photographs of different and interesting faces from across the world.  
The society’s monthly newsletter, Drishti carries current news on photography, reports on the classes, workshops and the meeting updates. It is e-mailed and also sent across by post to the members.

Elections are held once in every two years. H V Praveen Kumar is the current president.
H Satish, a member says, “I take part in all the activities and also take basic photography classes for other members. I find great joy and pride in being a part of this club.” 

Those with international distinctions and master degrees are members of the    society.
Among them are those with a Master of Photography, Associate of Royal Photography Society of London, Master Federation International Art of Photography from London.
The club puts together an annual photography exhibition for its members and non members as well.