A school with a practical lesson about environment

A school with a practical lesson about environment

Students here learn to be eco-conscious

The students of Higher Primary School of Nidaramangala village of the taluk are eco-friendly. 

The cleanliness of the campus is apparent the moment one enters the school campus. Birds twitter. The people of this village are proud of this school. 

The school which is at the entrance of the village, it is part of a Chikkakuntur cluster. The five-room school is located in a two acre land.

Starting point

When the school was started in 1952 there was lack of facilities for a few decades. There was no compound wall. In 2006 when Ramachandraiah joined as the headmaster the school saw a sea change. 

With the support of M E Nagappa, chairman of the School Development Monitoring Committee and the villagers the school was developed.

About 230 saplings of 15 tree species have been planted and nurtured in the school campus including silver oak, teak, wild almond, jackfruit, mango, tamrind and blackberry.  There is also a banana plantation in the campus.

Rainwater is harvested for daily use. Since the tank for the supply of water is on the premises, the additional water is used to water the plant in the premises.

Garbage is segregated into dry and wet garbage with separate bins to dispose them. This is a lesson for the students in garbage management. There is a well-maintained dining hall. There are 74 students upto seventh standards.

If students study in a good environmental surroundings they become good students, says Ramachandraiah, the headmaster. There is a plan to contruct and auditorium in the future, he said.