'Bhumika is a fabulous actress'

'Bhumika is a fabulous actress'

Reaching Out

He has been on a world-wide tour promoting yoga and now Bharat Thakur is taking a break before he heads out of the country. He and his wife Bhumika Chawla have decided to settle down in Bangalore for the next one year. 

Talking to Metrolife about this decision, Bharat says that it was the food in the City that was the deciding factor. “I have lived in all the major metros but not in Bangalore. Since we have one year before we head off to Russia, I thought of choosing a place in Bangalore and making it our home. Food plays a very important role in my life and the City has some of the most amazing restaurants. It just gave me that extra nudge to live here,” he adds.

While he has already found a home, he is setting it up before Bhumika comes down from Hyderabad. Bharat describes Bhumika as a peaceful soul. “She is by far the most understanding and relaxed human being I have ever met. We rarely fight. Sometimes, I tell her to fight with me but she just laughs it off. I feel she is so much like the person she is on screen,” he adds. 

Ask him why one doesn’t see much of her in movies these days and he replies, “The choice to act or not is entirely Bhumika’s.” Bharat who likes her films Badri, ‘Autograph’ and Silsiley, adds, “She has also done a special appearance in a Kannada film recently. I would like to see more of her on screen, she is a fabulous actress.”

He may have produced a couple of movies and even authored books, but yoga is a topic that you can’t avoid asking him about. 

“It has become a huge part of me. After all, I made yoga commercial,” he says rather proudly. He believes in teaching in a classroom than through a video. He is of the opinion that one can’t learn much from the videos. 

“These days you have so many actresses encashing their popularity through such videos but I don’t see how it is helping anyone. I feel the only person who actually made a difference is Jane Fonda,” he adds. 

Does he ever plan to get back to producing films? 

“I was very involved with all the movies I produced but they became too time-consuming and jammed my other business. Right now, it’s about reaching out to as many people as I can through yoga,” he sums up. 

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