Pyramid Saimira failed to mobilise funds for film: Kamal

Pyramid Saimira failed to mobilise funds for film: Kamal

Kamal HassanAsserting that he had worked exclusively for the film 'Marmayogi' for an year, the actor said the project was delayed because the company Pyramid Saimira could not come up with funds for "continuing shooting".

"An income of Rs 40 crore has been lost and a year in my career", Kamal said, adding, he had issued a notice to the entertainment firm on April 12 this year demanding a payment of Rs 40 crore.

"No reply has so far been received from Pyramid to the notice", he said. "My attention has been drawn to reports in a section of press that Pyramid Saimira has obtained a stay against the release of our movie 'Unnaipol Oruvan'.  It is not true", he said in a statement here.

Pyramid Saimira had yesterday issued a notice threatening legal proceedings, both civil and criminal, against Raajkamal Films International and Kamal Haasan if an amount Rs 10.90 crore paid to the firm and the actor was not returned, with 24 per cent annual interest. The company alleged that after receiving the amount for a Tamil film, the duo had failed to confirm the artistes and technicians for the film and commence its production.

Kamal said he had also filed a suit against Pyramid Saimira in the High Court.
He said the company launched a smear campaign probably to counter his legal action making "wild and false allegations." An interim reply also has been sent to it," he said.
"The fact remains that I have obtained a caveat against them. I, nor Raajkamal Films International have received any stay order from any court", he said.

"I must state that irresponsible statements made or published damage my reputation and my company.I will shortly be seeking legal advice to examine the avenues open for me," he said.

In a legal notice to the actor and the company, counsel for Pyramid Saimira Productions (PSP), A Chidambaram said his client had made the payment pursuant to a memorandum of understanding reached between it and Rajkamal Films and Kamal Haasan in April 2008 for a joint venture project of Tamil Film 'Marmayogi', with an estimated budget of Rs 100 crore.

The actor, he contended, at that time had assured that he would not act in any other picture till the production of the film was completed and it was released.

Besides not refunding the amount with 24 per cent interest as agreed to in the MOU, the actor and Rajkamal Films, whose director is the brother of Kamal Haasan, the two had commenced their own Tamil and Telugu versions of 'Unnaipol oruvan' by diverting the funds received from PSP for production of Marmayogi, the notice alleged.