Opting for an opulent look

Opting for an opulent look


Wearying of that sleek minimalist look in the living room? If you’re not a puritan about decor styles and themes, A Dyuti suggests throwing in a mix of these elements to infuse some novelty into the living room.

Resplendent Polish and arrange heavy teakwood or rosewood furniture for a change from the usual modern theme. getty imagesLet’s begin with the furniture. Had you stowed away those heavy rosewood/teakwood beauties when you’d picked up some contemporary pieces? Polish them and arrange them in place of those minimalist items.

Go for silk or velvet cushions. Resplendent velvet/silk curtains, reproductions of classic paintings with gilded frames, ornate mirrors, brass candelabra and flawless monotone tablecloths in hues that complement the wall colours will help you splash the place with opulence.

For the aesthetic ambience of a fireplace, you need no more resort to the smoke-spewing, CO2-belching and ash-strewing feature. Fake fireplaces (gas, electric or gel fireplaces) come in a mindblowing range of styles to suit every budget. Flames of different hues, say, pink, blue and red, can be stoked. Available in a variety of ‘surrounds’ (the wood, metal or marble enclosing the firebox), these alternatives to wood-burning fireplaces are less expensive and easier to install. Their location is flexible too. Since wood/logs aren’t required, they can be installed even in homes lacking elaborate ventilation systems or chimneys. Flaunting glowing, ceramic logs along with real, gas-fuelled flames, gas fireplaces most closely resemble the look and feel of a conventional fireplace. Electric fireplaces are less expensive and more portable than gas fireplaces. Low-maintenance and environment-friendly, they gel with any room decor.
However, electric fireplaces pose the same potential for hazards as any electric device.

Consult an electrician and determine if the electrical outlets are of adequate potency for your fireplace. Once installed, don’t place inflammable objects in its proximity. Never leave an electric fireplace unattended. Gel fireplaces are portable and vent-less fireplaces fuelled by small canisters of alcohol gel placed behind artificial logs after being lit.

The fireplace mantel can be decorated imaginatively with artificial flowers, colourful candles, family photographs, classy mirrors, antique clocks, brassware, bamboo baskets, fruit bowls and knickknacks. Hang a tiled/painted mural or a landscape painting over your mantel.

Rolling out the carpet

How about wall-to-wall carpeting? First, hit upon the right carpet-type. Choose the fibre-type (wool, acrylic, polyester, nylon, olefin...) depending on one or many of these criteria – softness, durability, price, eco-friendliness or natural/synthetic fibres. Higher density, twist and pile-height spell greater carpet-quality. On offer are cut-pile, berber, frieze and patterned carpets.

Select the carpet colour that’ll gel with the hues of wall paint and furniture. Dark carpets ally with rooms receiving lots of sunlight. Rooms robbed of adequate light can be turned cheerful with lighter-hued carpeting. Employ cool or neutral colours to make small rooms appear larger and low ceilings higher. Warm and bright carpet colours shatter the
monotony of a large room and make it attractive. Splashing dark colours onto the walls? Then, pick a lighter-hued carpet to offset the shrinking effect. Contrarily, if the carpet is dark-hued, use lighter shades on the wall.

Add a regal chandelier – the crystal beads type, the ones with glass jars to hold incandescent lights or with drooping pendants or icicle-like glass hangings. Perhaps you’ll love a chandelier with fake candles topped with candle bulbs? Choose those which come with matching wall sconces. But, ensure the bulbs are of the right wattage for your need. Perhaps, they come with special bulbs? Check if you can replace them easily. Since the connections are usually concealed, let a qualified electrician handle the installation job. Also place candles and table-lamps with lampshades in rich textures and classic designs on the tables.

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