Rajnath questions govt silence on Chinese intrusions

Rajnath questions govt silence on Chinese intrusions

BJP President Rajnath Singh

BJP President Rajnath Singh has expressed grave concern over reports of Chinese intrusions into Indian territory and accused the Centre of keeping mum on the issue.

"Why is the Congress leadership mum on the issue? The Army chief was compelled to speak. That General Deepak Kapoor had to express concern shows the situation is serious. The political leadership should be expressing this concern," Singh told reporters. He said the government should register its protest with China about repeated intrusions by Chinese army into Indian territory.

"The Chinese ambassador should be summoned and the protest registered," Singh said, adding, India could also build diplomatic pressure on China. The BJP leader said in 1962 also India was in denial when China intruded into the country.

General Kapoor had stated last week that Chinese intrusions did take place but tempered his statement, saying this is done by both the armies often due to differing perceptions of Line of Actual Control. However, he was concerned about increase in Chinese intrusions and painting of "China" on rocks in Indian territory, which happened for the first time.

General Kapoor said India had taken up this matter with China in their border personnel meeting. Demanding that the Indian government come clean on the issue, Singh said, "India has suffered once in 1962 when the then government was not ready to accept (Chinese incursions into Indian territory)."

India had to face a humiliating defeat in the war that ensued after China encroached on Indian territory. Singh reminded that then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had said there was nothing to worry. "They tried to push everything under the carpet for which India had to face consequences," Singh said.

Recently, Indian naval chief (now retired) Sureesh Mehta had also spoken about India's position vis-a-vis China. "We neither have the intention nor the capability to match up with China, force by force," he said, but warned that China could get assertive in its territorial claims in the neighbourhood following its defence modernisation. However, India's External Affairs Minister S M Krishna seemed to dismiss these views when he said India-China border is peaceful.