Love that purifies

Love that purifies

Love is the finest, but the most powerful, feeling. You can easily hide thoughts; feelings are subtler than thoughts, and more difficult to hide.

When you look at a person’s eyes, you can make out the feeling behind the looks. It is not the same with thoughts. If someone is conspiring, you won't be able to make out.

But love cannot neither be fully hidden nor expressed. The more you try to hide it, the more apparent it becomes. Love expresses itself in so many ways.

One who has attained the fullness of love, his throat chokes, and joy manifests itself in all his actions. He is unable to speak properly because love cannot be expressed in words.

Love has a magnetic impact on everybody around those who have attained fullness of love, as they will feel at home, comfortable, like coming to a mother.

Your love has the power to purify everything around you. Narada in his aphorism of love says, “Panthavarodha romanchashrubhih parasparam lapramanah pavayanti kulani prithvim cha.” The tears of love purify families, traditions, towns and villages, they purify this earth. Even places where some lover spent his life longing for God become pilgrimage centers. But the tragedy is that very few do it because of love.

“Modante pitaro nrityanti devtah, sanatha cheyam bhurbhavanti.” One who is filled with love, who sheds tears of gratitude, his very presence is enjoyed by those who have crossed over. The power of love actually transcends the worlds.

When you meditate, or do any spiritual practice, a portion of the merits goes to your ancestors. In all religions, when someone departs, there is memorial service. Your prayer, your love touches the other world.

When a devotee who is full of love for god engages in any action, that action gains value and becomes the best action. There are two kinds of people: those who are valued because of the things they possess, and those who give value to things. The latter are those who really live their life.

Mohammed wore a pair of simple shoes and that became valuable. Mahatma Gandhi used just an ordinary staff, but it has a value because he used it. Words and actions become valuable because of the one who speaks them.

A scholar, a theologian can write a scripture. A philosopher can write a book, or volumes, but at the most it remains an intellectual exercise. On the contrary, just four lines from a Chaitanya Mahaprabhu can touch the heart of a person and bring about a transformation.

That’s why Jesus said, “I have come to fulfill the scriptures.” When the love that you are is kindled, life itself becomes a scripture, a holy, sacred book.

Make your life the Geeta, Quran or Bible. And the key to achieving that is divine love! Becoming a devotee who is full of Him, lost in Him.

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