'It's been a dream marriage'

'It's been a dream marriage'

Good Looking: Samita and Ashish Chowdhry.

It was surely not love at first sight for model-turned-actors Samita and Ashish Chowdhry. When the two were pitted opposite each other to host a television show for Walt Disney in the 90s, little did they know that they would end up falling in love.

“The first time I faced the camera was the first time I met her. She was already a successful model and I was just a beginner,” recollects Ashish. “I used to wonder who is this ‘towny’ guy with so much attitude,” laughs Samita. “He had a girlfriend, whom he was serious about, while I had a boyfriend. When he broke up with her, he went on a girlfriend spree and I used to think he is such a casanova.”

Ashish agrees, “We had nothing in common and used to keep fighting. I thought she was bad while she thought I was spoilt.” Samita adds, “He would drink colas, while I loved ‘cutting chai’.” Slowly, the two became best of friends. “He would tell me about every girl he dated and I realised that the show-off attitude is superficial and that he is a good human being.”

After being best friends for three years, the two dated for almost eight years, during the course of which, they worked together in music videos and also a film called Shaadi Ka Laddoo. They tied the knot in 2006 and now, are the proud parents of seven-month-old Agasthya.

“My family is my hobby. I could be a housewife as I can do most of the household chores except for cooking,” laughs Ashish. While Samita admits that Ashish is a great father. “He puts me to shame,” she says. “He changes Agasthya’s nappies, gives him a bath and does everything possible.”

 While Samita loves Thai food, Ashish is fond of Japanese food. “I love Indian food but I can’t binge on it as its very spicy,” he says. He informs that Samita is a fantastic cook, while the pretty lady admits that she loves cooking. “I never used to like fish but thanks to her, I love it now,” says Ashish. He loves Samita’s green chutney fish and black olive fish.

Ashish loves working out and playing video games. Says Samita, “He never misses his gym. Even on days that he works late, he comes back and works out. I love that discipline in him.” Both of them spend ample of time with friends. “We love having friends over. We are very friendly people,” she laughs.

Another thing that Ashish and Samita have in common is that both of them don’t read books. “I was a very studious kid in school and used to score 90 per cent. But I’ve had enough of reading in school for the rest of my life,” laughs Ashish. Samita adds, “But I will make sure that Agasthya reads a lot.”

Being movie-buffs, the two often go to the theatre with friends. “I am more of an audience than an actor,” says Ashish. “If we don’t go to the theatre, how can we, being actors, expect people to come and watch our movies,” he reasons.

Kaminey and Three have been the latest films the couple has seen. “I am his biggest critic. But I loved him in Three. He plays a bad guy so well. The first time I saw him in his serial Hum Pardesi Ho Gaye, where he played a negative role, I told him he should act in films,” she says. 

Samita is huge fan of romantic comedies and Shah Rukh Khan’s films. “I really liked Love Aaj Kal. Kaminey was good but it’s not my kind of film,” she laughs. Ashish also loves English soaps like Grey’s Anatomy, Dirty, Sexy, Money and Weeds.

Apart from Mumbai, which is their home, London is Ashish and Samita’s favourite holiday destination. “It is probably the next most frequented place for us after Mumbai,” says Ashish.

The couple has come to Bangalore many times, though not together. “I have come for promotions and I am amazed at the City’s potential. In little time, it has sprung up as one of the prime places in India. It’s got lovely nightspots and is so safe,” exclaims Ashish. Samita recalls the time she came to Bangalore for a modelling assignment. “It’s lovely. What a change from Mumbai,” she says. “We will make a trip again soon. Isn’t December the best season to visit Bangalore,” she asks. 

Is there anything that the two disagree on? “He is so neat while I am extremely messy. There have been times when I have had friends cleaning my cupboard,” she laughs.
But small differences apart, the two really complement one another. “It’s been a dream marriage. I completely love being married to her,” reveals Ashish. What is the secret behind a successful marriage? “Space,” answers Ashish. “It’s marriage after all, not jail.” Samita feels that the couple has to be friends for a marriage to work out. “He was my best friend years back, and is my best friend even today,” she signs off.

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