Murder ruled out in Richard Loitam's death case: police

Murder ruled out in Richard Loitam's death case: police

Murder ruled out in Richard Loitam's death case: police

Police probing the recent death of Manipuri student Richard Loitam here have ruled out that he was murdered, a top official said today.

"The doctors' opinion based on the histopathalogical and forensic reports which were received by us late last night, show that it is not a case of murder or culpable homicide," Superintendent of Police Bangalore Rural District, D Prakash told PTI.

Quoting the doctors' report, he said, "Visible injuries noted at the time of post-mortem examination, both external and internal are individually or collectively, not sufficient to cause death."

According to the report, he said, chemical examination revealed the presence of paracetamol to the extent of 27 mg in the blood, which is not sufficient to cause death.
The expert opinion from the pathology department revealed "there is a pathology in the heart, which has started well before the usual age, probably due to hereditary cause".
The doctors' report further says "based on the facts available, opinion as to the cause of death is undetermined".

However, based on the opinion furnished by the pathology department, further examination of the heart may throw more light on the disease of the heart, the report said.

Prakash said the doctors' report shows that it was not a case of murder or culpable homicide, adding "however, further investigation into the case is on".

Nineteen-year-old Richard, a second semester student of Acharya NRV School of Architecture, was found dead on his hostel bed on the afternoon of April 18.

While police initially termed it as a "death under mysterious circumstances", his parents alleged it to be a case of murder.

The death sparked off nationwide protests with students demanding justice for Richard.

Meanwhile, Potsangbam Dhanakumar Singh, an IPS officer deputed by Manipur government as liaison officer to assist Bangalore Police in the case, said the final autopsy report by a team of doctors ruling out physical injuries leading to his death can be questioned in a court of law.

Victoria Hospital doctors, who submitted their final findings to city police, have indicated cardiac ailment as the cause of death.

"The doctors are of the opinion that he died of heart ailment, which can be questioned in a court of law," he told PTI.

Dhanakumar said he would submit a report to Manipur government about the recent development in Richard Loitam case before deciding on next course of action.

To a question, he said it was left to Bangalore police to decide whether to close the case or not.