'Central team to study yellow leaf disease'

'Central team to study yellow leaf disease'

Interacting with the delegation, he said that Central Government wants to respond to their problems in an effective manner and even plans to find suitable solution for yellow leaf disease affecting arecanut and erosion of fertile soil.

Former minister Jayaprakash Hegde, farmer leader H G Venkatesh, ZP former member H T Rajendra, Raitha Sangha Convener Maranakudige Nataraj, Secretary D B Rajendra and others formed the delegation.

The delegation spoke elaborately about the growing intensity of yellow leaf disease, its impact on the people in general and growers in particular. They even made a presentation on the present condition areca plantations in the region.

Minister promised to fulfil the demands of delegation by providing new package for the growers who had lost their crops due to yellow leaf disease and various other disease, waive off their loans and release fresh loans without interest.

H G Venkatesh said that the minister informed that a central team will be sent to the region to conduct a study of the disease and added that the meeting was held because this delegation had also met Minister for Agriculture Sharad Pawar and various other ministers in the past. Central Secretary for Horticulture, Commissioner for Agriculture, scientists and various other top level officials were present at the meeting.