Jagan's loss is Rosaiah's gain

Jagan's loss is Rosaiah's gain

The strong support he has in the Congress Legislature Party will be respected by the party high command and he is expected to be inducted into the Union Cabinet, according to senior party officials here. “There is no question of Jagan becoming the CM given the mood in the party high command,” said a senior Congressman who spoke to Deccan Herald on condition of anonymity. “He will be sent to the Centre to be trained and also tamed,” said the leader.

How long?

There is as yet no clarity how long the ‘training’ will last but it will be a couple of years, it is being said. Although his over-reaching ambitions have not found favour with the party high command, they will not be ignored since they cannot be ignored considering the kind of support he has drummed up since YSR died in the helicopter crash on September 2. At least seven groups of “Jagan Sena” were reportedly put on ground to orchestrate the rallies, protests and demonstrations across the state. He won’t be alienated, that much is certain.

Another Congress leader in the know pointed out that the comparison with Rajiv Gandhi stepping into his mother Indira Gandhi’s shoes after her assassination did not go down well with the party high command which in other words means party president Sonia Gandhi. “It was not just a measure of his immaturity or that of his advisers but also in bad taste and actually an affront to Madam,” he said.

But most importantly, the party does not want to be held to ransom by group of regional leaders. If the “Jagan-as-CM” campaign is allowed to succeed, it would open a Pandora’s Box in that it would encourage every motley crowd to bring pressures of various kinds on the party leadership at the national level. The party has to assert itself and it has done it by both Pranab Mukherjee and Veerappa Moily insisting that there is no hurry to take a decision and that there is a CM already in position.

One thing is sure: Chief Minister K Rosaiah’s position is safe for now. He has been functioning out of the Finance Minister’s office, refusing to move to the CM’s office he was not sure how long he would last. But now that there have been enough indications that his tenure could be longer than he had expected, he has said he was willing to move to the CM’s office provided he gets a sign from the high command.

Rosaiah is the high command’s best bet since through the virtue of his seniority and he being in the inner circle of YSR advisers he is acceptable to Jagan’s followers in the cabinet and the Congress Legislature Party. This is a win-win situation for the pro and anti Jagan camps as also for the party high command.