'Fatherhood is a great feeling'

'Fatherhood is a great feeling'

'Fatherhood is a great feeling'

Tennis maestro Mahesh Bhupathi is excited about his latest role, of being a dad, and can’t wait to get back home – in Mumbai – every time he goes out. “Fatherhood is great feeling and I try and spend as much time at home as possible,” he says.

He was in the City for the launch of his latest business venture, which has been custom-made for sports enthusiasts. “I feel there is a great hole in the market when it comes to sports equipment. I remember once I wanted to buy a particular type of tennis racquet and could not find a single shop which had them. Finally, I had to travel about 10 km away from home to get those racquets. So that is the kind of void I am talking about,” adds Mahesh.

“When I heard about this project called ‘Sports 365’, an online shopping portal being initiated for sportspersons, I was more than happy to chip in. I am contributing in whatever way I can and I think more such enterprises catering to sportspersons as well enthusiasts should come up,” he says.

While most of his ventures have been for the benefit of sports and sportspersons, this one will profit people from all walks of life who love sports. “I feel there is a need to encourage kids to take up a sport in this country. I conduct various workshops for kids and grown-ups so as to encourage sports,” he informs.

About his tennis career, he says that he is pretty happy with the way his career has panned out and wants to encourage more kids to take up a sport. “Tennis is definitely coming up in the country and I feel youngsters like Sania Mirza and others are doing a great job,” he says.

“There is a scope for improvement and I definitely see the sport making a place in the country in a few years. The onus lies on the parents. They need to inspire and encourage their children to pursue a sport whether it is tennis, football or cricket. A lot needs to be done in that field,” he explains.

Coming to Bangalore, which is his hometown, has always been special for him. He says Bangalore has many sports enthusiasts and needs better infrastructure to support them.
“When I was in Bangalore, my father used to get me all that I required to pursue tennis, but not many people have that luxury. People often have to go out of their way to get their sports equipment,” he says.

“The City needs better infrastructure especially when it comes to sport. I also feel that people often buy sports equipment without proper guidance, some times the equipment is ill-suited, not genuine and of low quality,” he adds.

Mahesh might be venturing into entrepreneurship but his heart lies in tennis and he is going all out to promote the sport. “I conduct a lot of workshops and travel a lot to conduct them. We should do our part in encouraging sports in the country and I am contributing in my own little way,” he sums up.