Poojary flays BJP, Left parties for proposed bundh call

Poojary flays BJP, Left parties for proposed bundh call

Terming the nation -wide bundh on petrol hike ‘unlawful,’ former Union Minister B Janardhan Poojary flayed BJP, NDA and Left parties for declaring bundh on May 31.

Addressing media persons at Press Club here on Tuesday, Poojary said that the petrol prices have been hiked due to the devaluation of rupee against dollar in the international market. “The Central government has no option but to buy petrol at the hiked price. However, the State government can control the price rise by decreasing the tax on petrol,” he pointed out.

The rate of petrol variates in different states. Petrol is sold at Rs 62 per litre in Goa but in Karnataka it is Rs 81.25. There is a price variation as the State Government of Goa has reduced taxes on petroleum products compared to the Karnataka Government who has kept it to the maximum. “Instead of taking corrective measures, the BJP party too supports the bundh. If the State Government really loves their country, then they shall decrease the tax,” he said and added that there will be a loss of Rs 2000 crore due to the bundh.

The Supreme Court has stated that one should not hold a bundh and if they do then the losses incurred on that day should be paid by the party who is responsible for the bundh. 

The Central government is already giving a subsidy of  Rs 1,94,000 crore on petroleum products. Around 28 per cent of the total Rs 15,00,000 crore budget is being utilised for states.

In case the Central government stops the import of petrol, then a black market for petroleum products will be created, day-to-day life will be affected.

“No government wants its people to suffer. The coalition parties of the UPA government too have expressed their displeasure on price hike. This is a tragedy,” he said. “The meeting of the oil companies is scheduled soon. There are possibilities that the prices may be reduced,” he added.