India needs more vascular surgeons

Doctors raised concerns over how only 4,000 endovascular procedures are done in India against the need of 4 lakh such surgeries.

The matter was discussed at the ongoing 4th Asia Pacific Vascular Intervention Course being held in Delhi. 

Close to 100 surgeons from India are being trained to operate in cases of impotency, amputation and aortic aneurysm through vascular surgery.

This is a speciality in which diseases of the vascular system or arteries and veins, are cured by medical therapy and surgical reconstruction.

“This is a new concept and it is picking up slowly as it is less than two years old.”

“In India there are only 150 trained vascular surgeons and we are training 50 more this year,” said Dr N N Khanna, course chairman and senior cardiologist at Apollo Hospital, Delhi.

Dr E Diethrich, chairman of the International Society of Endovascular Specialists who is also attending this intervention course said Indian doctors are at par with any other doctor across the globe.

“Patients from the US and UK are now coming to India to get these surgeries done. I have seen the quality of work, which is remarkable here,” he said.

Vascular intervention has shown 98 per cent succes rate so far, he added.

They highlighted certain basic treatments that can be done with the help of vascular surgery.

Interestingly, vascular intervention without surgery can be done in any vessel from head to toe, impotent patients can be cured with the help of artery stenting, more than 70 per cent  amputations can be prevented through bone marrow stem cell transplant and multi-layered blood flow diverters can help avoid surgery.

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