South-west monsoon to revive by June 14

 Flanked by two cyclonic conditions on either sides of the coast, the south-west monsoon may revive in the next two days and cover most of the peninsula by the next seven to ten days, weathermen have predicted.

Besides, subsiding of two climatic obstacles, a typhoon in the north-west Pacific and a cyclonic storm in the south-west Indian Ocean near Madagascar,  will also facilitate the advancement of monsoon. Both disappeared in the last four days.

The monsoon is now likely to be revived by June 14 and cover the entire peninsula up to Goa and Maharashtra in the next 5-6 days, a monsoon forecaster told Deccan Herald.

Mumbai may have its first brush with monsoon rain between June 16 and 17. While, the climatic “push” condition for the advancement of monsoon has been further strengthened with the removal of two climatic obstacles from the high seas, the “pull” condition on the land mass was visible for the first time on Tuesday. An orchestrated match between the “push and pull” conditions cause rainfall, a weather scientist explained.

The south-west monsoon hit Kerala coast on June 5 but barely made any advancement in the last one week. However, scientists at the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) said “it was early days and there was no need to panic.” Buoyed by the presence of two cyclonic conditions, the IMD on Tuesday hinted at further advancement of monsoon in the next three days.

The met agency, however, did not make any official forecast. On the west coast, a cyclonic circulation lies off Maharashtra-Goa whereas on the eastern side a more intense cyclonic circulation is lying off Andhra Coast in the central Bay of Bengal.

Both are moving towards the mainland and may bring a large cache of moisture to trigger rainfall on hitting the parched mainland.

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