26 kids saved from factories

Twenty-six children were rescued from garment and metal factories at Ghonda Chowk in north-east Delhi on Tuesday.

The rescue operation was led by Radha Charan, sub-divisional magistrate in Seelampur, along with local police, labour department officials and activists of Bachpan Bachao Andolan.

Children in the age group of 7 to 13 years were trafficked from remote villages in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and were brought to these factories a year ago. They had been working for 14 hours a day.

Of the 26 rescued kids, 19 were working at garment factories, where they used to do embroidery and stitch clothes.

“There have been innumerable raids in this particular area, which is one of the hubs of small scale industries that employ children. Despite this fact, no strict measures have been taken to keep a check on child labour,” said Rakesh Senger, member of the NGO.

Seven children were rescued from metal polishing units, where they were locked in dark rooms and forced to work among harmful acid and toxic gases.

Child rights activists demanded that the government must mount a multi-directional offensive against groups involved in human trafficking and those involved in fetching children to put to work in industries.

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