Islander finds resemblances between India, SL

“Srilankans are always known for hospitality and harmonious living. The inhabitants of the country have welcomed the outsiders with open arms,” says this lad from Srilanka who has come down to Manipal to study medicine.

Satheekshan R studying in Kasturba Medical College also adds that he finds many resemblances between India and Srilanka in terms of culture, beliefs and tradition.
He introduces various cultural facets of his homeland with pride.

Satheekshan says his country has major influence of Buddhism and Hinduism. Culturally, this tiny island is segregated in two fractions, that is, regions like Kandy and Anuradhapura are dominated by Sinhalese and city like Jafna is the home for Tamilians.

He says people in India also value their tradition and culture the most. “I have seen many Indians going to temples and performing their religious ceremonies. It is indeed cheerful. Even in Srilanka, we give more prominence to our traditional values. Similar to India, there is no one particular religion there.

We have people belonging to Islam and Christianity. The level of cultural coexistence is high in Srilanka that we all together celebrate the festivals from all religions. During mid April we celebrate Sinhalese and Hindu new year festival. Besides, Esala Perahera, a Buddhist festival is also celebrated with pomp and grandeur. Thai Pongal, Maha Shivarathri, Christmas, Ramadan and Haj are other festivals we enjoy,” he says. 
Explaining that how his interest to study abroad has brought him to India, this Srilankan youngster tells how he chose to study international syllabus back at home. “We have two modes of curriculum. One is Srilankan syllabus and the other is international syllabus. It is really hard to get seats under Srilankan syllabus and the students do not have the right of choice unless he or she scores high grades.” It is the institutions that prefer meritorious students and offer them seats.

However, Satheekshan wants to get back home to serve his people’s health needs. “I will finish my degree and go back. I want to serve my people. I feel education here gives us more exposure. It is more practical and clinical. This makes us to get more hands on experiences,” he tells. He wants his friends also to come to India to study because he is sure India offers quality education in medicine.

He loves Indian food like Tandoori and all non vegetarian curries. Srilanka too has some mouth watering dishes like lamprais, pittu, vattalapam, string hoppers, flavored coconut milk and kottu among other special dishes of Srilanka, he says.

Finally, he will not forget to add that there should be cultural and educational exchange of people from both the countries in large number to know each other better, he signs off.

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