A hallowed temple

A hallowed temple

An old temple structure with a huge pond and silent surroundings of Sree Vaidyanatheshwara temple gives a hint about the uniqueness of the place.


This curiosity increase when one learns about the place. The temple has three idols- Lord Vishnumurthy, Vaidyanatheshwara and ‘Balimurthy’ of Vaidyanatheshwara. The idol of Lord Basava which was ‘formed on its own’ is another attraction of the temple. 

According to a book written about the temple, the history of the temple is as old as 2600 years. “In Dhvaparayuga, Madhvacharya consecrated the idol of Lord Vishnumurthy in Kokkada. He also wrote a Sanskrit book called ‘Krishnamruthamaharnava,’ according to the book.

Lord Vaidyanatheshwara temple which is in ‘Deerga Sthandilakara’ structure was built approximately 1000 years ago. One can find a stone writing in Halegannada (Old Kannada) in front of the temple which was written in 1544 by Devu (son of king Desinga). He also consecrated a pole (Dhwajasthamba) in front of the temple.

Sacred pond

Speaking to City Herald, Temple Administrative Board President Satyanarayana Bhat says that according to the devotees, they got cured of many skin diseases after they touched the pond water. So the temple is also known as Dhanwanthari Kshethra and the devotees believe that Vaidhyanatheshwara is God of Ayurveda,” he added.

According to history, Pandavas built the pond in front of the temple. The Neelakanta Swamy temple which is in middle of the pond is considered as one of the very old temples in the region. He says that the temple is related to Ananthapadhmanabha temple in Kerala in some way.

Kambla every year

The annual car festival celebrations of the temple are being celebrated in May and June every year. In ‘Dhanurmasa,’ a special 8-day festival is also organised in the temple.

‘Kori Jathre’ which is being celebrated in the month of December is another speciality of the temple. A one-day Kambla which will be organised in the land belonging to the temple is the main attraction of the event. ‘Naga Tambila’ and other religious rituals are being celebrated during the occasion.

Goddess Durga, Ganesha, Subramanya (known as ‘Parivara Devategalu’) are also worshiped here. Not only Gods but also ‘Daivas’ like Annappa, Guliga, Panjurli, Ullakulu and Ullalthi are also worshiped in the temple, according to the Tulu culture.
The old temple has been renovated twice till date under the leadership of Dharmasthala Dharmadhikari Dr D Veerendra Heggade.

“The temple has 5 acre and 74 cents of land. Now we have plans to build a temple for Annappa and we will be arranging Annasantharpane for the devotees. The temple has rich history, but lacks publicity,” Bhat said.

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