'Spirit' has a message, but elicits no cheers

Malayalam (U/A)
Cast: Mohanlal, Kaniha, Madhu, Kalpana
Director: Ranjith

The Mohanlal-Ranjith duo’s comeback had expectations soaring but Spirit will not keep the viewers in good spirit. The theme is good though, as it highlights the importance of giving up alcohol to embrace the beauty of life and all the people in it.

Raghunandan (Mohanlal) is an alcoholic, narcissistic divorcee who is referred to as a ‘lotus in water’ for his uncontrollable fondness for vintage spirit. He is a popular journalist who uses his TV show ‘Show the spirit’ to bring out the unknown ugly face of bureaucrats. Intoxicated with his success and liquor, he fails to realise the loss he has suffered as an alcoholic.

His ex-wife (Kaniha) and their son are happy with their new family. They are in good terms with Raghu, but his drinking habit brings out the devil in him at common parties and he always ends up venting his frustration on guests. He is also a complete failure as a father.

There are too many characters and side stories, some of which are not relevant at all. Also, it has too many disconnects. Some ideas are introduced and left incomplete, which is a shame. All the drinking, smoking and swearing in this movie seem to have gone waste as it does not drive the message strongly.

Mohanlal, as always, has done his part well, but Ranjith had set his own bar high with movies like Pranchiyettan and Indian Rupee and this one does not come anywhere close to that league.

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