Hapless, they follow 'Water Standard Time'

Some people miss office, appointments while waiting for water to flow through the taps

Acute water shortage in several parts of the Capital has forced residents to take desperate measures for an extended period of time.

Residents of Aram Bagh in central Delhi’s Paharganj area and others in several sectors of Vasant Kunj and Vasant Vihar in south Delhi complained that the supply barely lasts for 15 minutes — maximum 20 minutes — on an average. They also say the water supply timing is erratic.

“We barely get water for 20 minutes, and that too on extremely low pressure. As a result, we hardly manage to fill two buckets and end up queuing near a roadside slum to fill water from taps installed for slum dwellers,” said Meena Dutta, a resident of Aram Bagh.

Shankar Dixit, another resident of Aram Bagh, said the government colony does not have access to groundwater.

This summer is turning out to be a difficult one for them.

“The situation has become pathetic now, compared to the problems that we have been facing for the last few years. We have to struggle daily for our basic need,” Dixit said.

Most residents of Vasant Vihar E-Block say their daily schedule now depends on the timing of water supply and availability of Delhi Jal Board tankers. “Quite often DJB does not respond to calls for water tankers. It doesn’t explain why the problem has been continuing for the last one month,” said Anjali Sengupta, a resident.

She said members of several residents’ welfare associations have met senior DJB officials, and sent letters to ministers and filed complaints as well, but there has been no relief.

“Now we are forced to pay Rs 200 to Rs 400 a day to private water suppliers. Even then they are sometimes not available due to increasing demand for water across the city,” Anjali said.

Anuj Sharma, a resident of Vasant Kunj C-3, said erratic water supply has not only led to shortage of drinking water but has also compelled people to miss office, crucial appointments and cancel social commitments.

“I buy the 20-litre mineral water bottle that cost me Rs 80 and I regularly visit my friends’ house to take bath. There have been instances when I missed going to office and cancelled outings with friends to deal with this nuisance,” Anuj said. 

Near Vasant Kunj C-8, residents complained that DJB officials claim that the problem is due to their area being on uneven terrain and at the fag end of the supply line.

“Officials say they cannot help our situation because of the fact that our building is situated on a slope, due to which water cannot be provided on sufficient pressure,” said Kamal Singh, another resident.

With the crisis expected to continue unabated for another month, there seems to be no respite for Delhiites.

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