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Dear Sir,
I am in Class X (ICSE Board), majoring in Science, Math and Computer and I am confident of scoring well in these subjects.  The career counsellor at school advised me to pursue a career in IAS or an MBA in Finance. I am leaning towards an MBA in Finance. Which stream should I join at the PUC level? Which course should I pursue at the UG level? Is a post graduation mandatory before an MBA?

Dear Student,
If your interest in and your aptitude (as evaluated by the career guide of your school) in Finance are both strong, then you may take up Commerce at the +2 level. Since you have been doing well in the ICSE stream, you may also consider the choice of continuing in ISC instead of opting for PUC.  Subsequently you can review once more and take up B.Com. You do not have to do post-graduation before MBA (since MBA itself is a post-graduation), but it does help to take a break after graduation and acquiring some useful work experience.  Only after you  settle down in Class 11 should you decide how much free time you have and whether you should take up any other part-time course.

Dear Sir,
I am currently in the second year of a B.Com (elective: Computer Application). I would like to know the fields of study I can further pursue. My scores from school are high. Please guide me.

Dear Sajid,
You should have set your long-term plans before taking up B.Com, particularly since you are not interested in the accountancy fields.  However, depending on your interest and aptitude, you can select from a wide range of options such as Civil Services, Computer Applications, Software Testing, SAP, banking, investments, insurance, finance management, law, marketing financial products, e-commerce, to name just a few. Please ensure that you select after finding out all details about your future career, since you will be working in it for 40-50 years.

Dear Sir,
My daughter has completed a four-year dental course (BDS) with First Class. She is currently completing her internship. She is interested in Forensic Science. Recently, she found out that courses offered aborad are the best for the mentioned field. Which are the institutes that offer Forensic Science in India?
Kiran Sridhar

Dear Kiran,
Help your daughter analyse why she wishes to take up Forensic Science after she has qualified herself as a dental surgeon. If it is only because she feels there is not much scope to earn well as a dentist, then she should evaluate all other options before taking the plunge into a new field where she will have to start from the beginning. Some alternatives are: Hospital or health management, developing medical software, medical transcription, marketing or developing medical products, human development, teaching and training, medical journalism, scientific or market research, clinical psychology, etc.

If she is sure about Forensic Science, then she needs to understand that the employment opportunities in India for forensic scientists are rather limited, though PG courses are offered in many universities including Karnataka University, Tata Institute of Social Sciences Mumbai, Madras, Osmania, Mumbai, Amity, Delhi and Gujarat Universities. St Xavier, Mumbai offers a certificate course. On completion of a course in India, she can go abroad.

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