Water as a focal point

Water as a focal point


Water as a focal point

From fountains to indoor water bodies and water walls, there are many options available if you are looking at introducing water as a decor element, discovers Swati Kapur

Imagine sitting next to a fountain or a river. Now concentrate on the sounds you hear – a pleasing splash or a pitter patter is enough to relax your tired mind and body. You are lucky if you have a private pool or a soothing water body close by to offer some peace. But if you don’t have a water body at your residence or office, not to worry, you can always easily create one.

The very presence of water renews everyone’s spirit. In feng shui, water represents money. For this reason, indoor fountains are always recommended as they circulate the energy that brings prosperity at home. Conversely, the bathroom, according to feng shui principles, is the draining point for the energy that water carries.

“The nourishing, purifying and restorative properties of water can actually heal our body. Listen to a moving water and focus on the pleasing sound it makes. This helps energy circulation and wipes away negativity, thus making us feel better,” says feng shui expert Nandita Pandey. The movement and rhythm of the water can connect you with the energy of water that makes up much of the earth.

Additionally, in feng shui, when water flows, your finances too bubble over. “Placing a fountain in the living area can add to the serenity of the room. Add rocks, seashells or stones to enhance the grounding energy of the earth,” adds Nandita.

For best results, choose an area that is not high on traffic and is easily visible. A wall hanging fountain can be a nice focal point. Do not crowd the area with too many other objects. Give the fountain lots of space to make a good impression. While you want to avoid picture frames and large decorative objects, you might try enhancing the beauty of the spot with a candle or a plant. They key is to anchor the piece—not overshadow it with extras. Choose from a wall, garden, indoor, floor, pond and lake style or tabletop fountains and water walls.


Bangalore-based Total Environment’s luxury homes called ‘Windmills Of Your Mind’ in Whitefields have a stream surrounding their homes. This is a favourite with children and lends a serene effect to the home. Also, their homes have recently added an aquarium that boasts of a natural environment for aquatic beings in it. The foliage has pretty greens that are natural and comforting to the fish too.

Founts of joy

Fountains are available in a host of materials. From traditional copper and bronze to cutting-edge resins and acrylics, there is an endless variety of fountains. Each material has its own aesthetic and practical advantages. Some owners prefer the timeless look of copper and some the elegance of slate for their fountains. Others prefer ultra-modern designs which include glass and stainless steel and other very contemporary materials. Choosing the right water fountain for your home depends on your personal preferences.
However, round is supposed to be the better choice according to feng shui principles, though you must select the one that you like, and think will match the ambience of your home. If you have a garden, then you can use a fountain as a centrepiece.

Indoor fountains are also attractive, especially since they are said to help balance the positive and negative ions. Choose from metal, ceramic and bamboo versions available in the market. Metal definitely helps water activate ‘qi’ since it is the element that produces water.

On the other hand, earth is the element that destroys water so avoid using a ceramic water fountain. You also have to make sure that humidity or water droplets do not damage the nearby objects and the surroundings. Even on the best wall hanging fountains constructed, there is the potential for some small droplets of water to travel—especially on the underside of the basin.

So do not use anything wooden around the fountain. You should also not place the fountain near other delicate surfaces that could be damaged by water. Ashika from Bangalore has a ceramic Buddha fountain in the balcony.

“The aesthetic water body makes for a peaceful spot where we can sit and relax,” she says. Also look out for wall water installations, which are slightly expensive but add to the overall look.

Or simply place a crystal bowl with water and petals floating to add to the aesthetic appeal of the place.

Keep in mind

It is not advisable to place a water feature/feng shui fountain in the South, as in feng shui, South is connected to fame and reputation, and the energy of it is fire.This will create conflicting energy.

It is bad feng shui to have a water feature in your bedroom, no matter which feng shui area of your house your bedroom is located in.

The water feng shui element brings the energy of worry into the bedroom; thus a fountain in the bedroom is not recommended. When buying feng shui products, choose a good quality fountain with a silent motor. Ensure that the designs of the fountain allow for easy cleaning. It’s not necessary to invest in a heavy fountain as light ones in bamboo and metal are also available in the market. Look out for bamboo stores or get one custom-made by your carpenter.

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