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With electricity rates escalating, keeping air-conditioners on is going to cost even more. In this scorching heat, by making a little change in interiors, not only can you cut down on electricity bill but also keep your home naturally cool.

The basic thing one can do is to keep the windows and doors open in the morning and evening every day as it improves the indoor air quality. “Many people rarely open their windows because their ACs are always on or they don’t want dust and noise to come inside, but fresh air improves the indoor air quality. It also reduces naturally occurring odours in the house from pets, cooking and smoking,” says Lubna Siddiqui, interior designer at Saima Impex.

To beat the heat and better utilisation of space, interior plants and small water bodies can be installed in drawing rooms. A bit of interior landscaping with minimalistic elements gives a cooler look to walls. Electronic equipment present at homes generate heat. They must be switched off completely when not in use. “One can also go for conduit lamps with fluorescent bulbs which provide cooler lighting,” she suggests.

When it comes to furniture, the ones made in wood are better for summer as metal furniture absorbs more heat and remains hot if the room gets direct sunlight. Wicker or bamboo furnishings are also a good option in hot weather. “Bamboo furniture is ideal for outdoors but also works great indoors. However, don’t clutter the place as minimalism is the trick to beat the heat naturally,” says Lubna.

Simple alterations in the colour palette of your home can create a remarkable change. For almost everything at home, colours which are soothing to eyes are best suited for summer.  For a more interesting look, a combination of dark and light colours can be made. For curtains, sofa, cushion covers and bed sheets, dark and loud shades should be avoided for bigger objects. White shades and floral prints are best for summer season.

“The drapes of the windows facing East must be kept closed in the morning and West facing windows’ drapes should be closed in the evenings to optimise heat control,” she adds. Also, using table runners and napkins in lighter hues can change the look of the dining room to a great degree.

Leather and rexine fabric sofa look stylish but is a complete ‘no’ if the place you live in remains hot for most part of the year. “Leather, leatherite and rexine sofas do not let air pass through them. That is the reason we see lot of floral prints making their way into homes this season. They bring a feeling of cool breeze,” the interior designer says.  So play a little with colours and textures this season and give a cool welcome to all in your home.

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