Hassan: Roads or death traps?

Hassan: Roads or death traps?

The stretch is sure to turn dangerous after the downpour

Hassan: Roads or death traps?

The risks of walking or riding vehicles on the roads in Hassan, that are narrow and ridden with potholes, is a open secret.

While some motorbike riders, especially youth, ply on the road with great speed throwing all rules and norms into the wind, some have made it a habit to walk in the centre of the road, even though there are footpaths on both sides.

Adding misery to the already narrow roads is the dumping of building materials like sand, bricks and gravel on the roadsides, inviting danger to vehicle riders.

With houses mushrooming in all layouts and extensions and the city growing horizontally, it has become inevitable for the contractors or building owners to dump the materials on the road.

But these people do not even consider that it may turn into a public nuisance. Moreover, they do not even remove the materials after the work is done to ease traffic. A majority of them clear it only during the house warming ceremony. Until then, it remains an eyesore.

Such situation, which was seen only in new layouts is now been witnessed at areas which are heavily populated.

The Shankar Mutt road has turned out to be the most dangerous one in the city after it was changed into a two-way road.

Sand, gravel, etc are seen occupying major portions of the road. While some are dumped by callous residents, others are dumped for road works. The materials have been dumped in such a way that it is difficult for even a car to ply on the road.

Discussions were held in the CMC meeting sometime ago on this issue. It was decided to initiate action against those involving in such activities.

Officials had even launched clearance of encroachment at K R Puram a couple of times. Later, it was forgotten completely and the authorities concerned went into a deep slumber.

If the monsoon sets in successfully, the roads are sure to turn into death traps, opine locals.

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