Glad behind the film

Young Bangaloreans are reluctant to remove the tint from their car windows

Glad behind the film

The young brigade in the City is not too happy about the rule which calls for removal of tinted films from four-wheelers.

Some of these people are in fact not willing to remove the film and have chosen to roll their car windows down while driving. When Metrolife asked some youngsters in the City what they thought about this rule and what they are doing about it, they had a lot to say.

“As of now, I roll down my car windows while I drive because I can’t let go of
the tint. I know I’m taking chances with the rules,” admits Kushal Varadaraj. “I’m not sure how to react to this rule. Not only am I going to lose the money spent on putting the film on my car, but also my privacy,” he says.

Mohit S, an IT professional, says tinted films make one secure.  “These films can help you keep your belongings safe and away from prying eyes. But now with this rule, I have to be careful about what I keep inside the car. I also have to worry about people peeping inside the car,” he adds.

The youngsters also point out how tinted films can help in beating the heat.  “I recently removed the tinted film because my family insisted that I follow traffic rules. It is extremely hot and the air-conditioner doesn’t work well without it. Besides, there is absolutely no privacy with people staring at you and peeping into the car. It just gets very uncomfortable when you know people are watching you,” says Naveen Shankar, a

“I might probably get some light tint. As of now, I roll down my windows and drive so as to get some fresh air,” he says. Shrishti S says she feels unsafe to drive without the tinted film.

“I live in the outskirts of the City and I have to take a deserted road to reach home. During the day, it’s alright because I can roll the windows down although people keep staring and checking as to who is driving the car,” she says.

“I don’t see anything good coming out of this rule. It needs good policing,” she adds.

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