Panchayat in UP now targets men

Panchayat in UP now targets men

No bikes or cell phones for boys until class 12

After being dubbed ‘anti-women’ with diktats love marriages and use of cell phones by women, the panchayats in Uttar Pradesh, in an apparent bid to show that they were ‘gender-neutral’, have now come out with a code of conduct for men as well.

A panchayat in UP’s ‘jat’ dominated Muzaffarnagar district, has banned use of cell phones and motor bikes by students up to 12th standard. It is also mandatory for them to ‘touch the feet’ of the elders.

The panchayat, which was held on Saturday and attended by elders from 35 villages, also banned use of hookah and liquor. It called for a social boycott of people, who violated the order.

In a positive mode it banned dowry and shunned ‘show of money’ at wedding ceremonies. The panchayat directed that the wedding party should not have more that eleven guests.

“Every additional guest will invite a fine of Rs 1,000,” the order said.

Elders said the students up to 12th standard must not be allowed to ride motor bikes and use cell phones. “These two things spoil them and land them in problems,” Nain Singh, who chaired the meeting, said.

“The boys should not say namaste, instead they must touch the feet of their elders when paying respect that has been our culture,” Singh said. He added that it was essential to inculcate cultural values among the boys at a young age.

Singh said restrictions must not be confined only to women. “Men are more responsible for spoiling the social order,” he said.

Panchayats in UP have virtually become a law making machine and are currently on a diktat issuing spree. Only recently a  panchayat had banned entry of dalits in an ancient and famous temple of Lord Shiva.

Another panchayat had banned use of cell phones by women under 40 and had asked them not to go to markets without escorts.

Panchayats are already infamous for banning love marriages.

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