Kim Jong-Un's bride is centre of attraction

Newly weds

North Korea said on Wednesday that its new leader Kim Jong-Un is married, announcing it for the first time in a brief and routine state TV report that ends weeks of speculation about a beautiful woman who accompanied him to recent public events.

Kim toured an amusement park with his “wife, comrade Ri Sol Ju” on Tuesday, while a crowd cheered for the leader, the speaker said without giving any more details about Ri, including how long they had been married. 

Seven months after inheriting the country from his father, Kim Jong II, the 20-something leader has been shown in the media several times with the young woman, including at a concert where Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters appeared and at tours of various North Korean sites. While the woman hasn’t been identified until now, media and analysts in the South were quick to guess that she was his wife.

Kim’s public appearances with the woman are a striking change from his father’s style. Kim Jong II’s 17-year rule was known for its secrecy. His companions and his children weren’t mentioned by state media, including Jong-Un, who was virtually unknown before his formal introduction to the world in late 2010.

The new leader’s style is more similar to his grandfather, North Korea founder Kim Il Sung, who was often shown alongside his wife.

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