Emotions and spirituality

Emotions and spirituality

A human being has emotion and if somebody told 'you that emotion is a hindrance' then the next thing they will tell you is, 'your mind is also a hindrance.'

The next thing they'll tell you 'Your body is also a hindrance.' Yes, it is true if you look at it one way. Your physicality, your mind, your emotion, your energy, all these things they can either be in your life as a hurdle that you cannot cross, or they can become stepping stones in your life. It all depends how you use them.

So, if your body, mind and emotion are a barrier what are you going to use? These are the only faculties you have to operate in this world. Do you have something else?

Your emotions are not different from your thoughts. The way you think is the way you feel. Thought is dry, emotion is juicy, so emotion is just the juicier part of the thought.
You cannot emote in a way that you cannot think. If I say 'oh this is a very wonderful person' in my mind now I have sweet emotions.

If I say 'this is a horrible person' in my mind I'll have ugly emotions towards that person. The way you think is the way you emote.

So, when you say all emotions are barrier you must remove your thought also. So, thought is gone, emotion is gone, what you're saying is your mind is a enemy. See, it took millions of years of evolution to get this mind to this state of capability, now you think this is a problem? You have a serious problem. It took millions of years of evolution to bring this mind to this level of capability and now you think your mind is the problem.

No, mind is not the problem; you don't know how to use it, that's the problem. A very sophisticated instrument has been given to a fool, that's the problem. You don't know how to drive, we gave you a really a fast car, now this is a problem.

Mind and emotion are not a problem, emotion is a beautiful aspect of human life; otherwise human being will become ugly. It is just that anything if it becomes unbridled, uncontrolled then it becomes madness. If your thought becomes uncontrolled it'll become madness. If your emotion becomes uncontrolled that also becomes insanity. If your emotions are the way you want them to be, how do you keep your emotions, sweet or ugly?

If your emotions were happening the way you want them definitely you would keep it sweetest possible emotions within you. Would that be a barrier? Would that be a hindrance to your spiritual growth?