A rainy romance

Maalai pozhuthin mayakathile
Tamil (U)
Cast: Aarim Balaji, Subha,
Tejaswini, Panju Subbu
Director: Narayan Raghavendra Rao

Taking its title from one of the hit songs of yesteryear, Maalai Pozhuthin Mayakathile seeks to woo audiences with a mushy romance set within the confines of a coffee shop on a dark and rainy evening.

The film also seeks to explore the lives of different people stranded in the coffee shop. While Narayan Raghavendra Rao’s concept is welcome, the execution of the screenplay, behind four walls, leaves much to be desired as he is unable to provide the necessary delineations from the tedious space setting.

The songs are a relief of sorts from the otherwise claustrophobic setting.

The film peeks into the lives of the people at the cafe — comprising its manager, a director, who falls in love with the girl he chances upon, and the couple with their child going through a rough patch — but it falls short.

Lacking depth, it veers out into the preachy and philosophical terrain, negating the very purpose Narayan seeks and sets out to achieve from his narrative.

The cast, however, comes up trumps given the limited scope they have got to

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