Sexy catalogue images make men shop instantly

Sexy catalogue images don’t just tempt men, they also make them want to shop “right now”, a new study has found.

The study found that ‘sexually charged’ catalogues can actually ‘warp time’ as men who look at catalogues don’t just want to buy the products, they want to buy them immediately.

A review of studies in America found that men exposed to ‘sexy’ images were more impatient, and wanted rewards immediately. Men who had seen sexy images, as opposed to ‘control’ images of animals, were prepared to lose money to enjoy an offer right away.

They were also inclined to rate three months as being a ‘very long’ time to wait for a voucher from the catalogue.

“Sexual cues influence decisions not only about sex, but also about unrelated outcomes such as money,” said Gal Zauberman of the University of Southern California.

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