Burning the midnight oil

Burning the midnight oil

 Stressed outIt has become increasingly tough for students to manage lack of time, complete vast portions and remember whatever one has studied. And there are some courses which demand a lot more time than others.

As is known, the MBBS course demands a lot of time to study and there are many requirements which the students have to meet to survive the course. And for that, 24 hours in a day is just not sufficient. There are days when these students have two exams in a day, with practicals, field work, and loads of portions to finish. Their portions run into pages and looks like there is no end to it.  How do these students unwind themselves after their exams and after college hours? What do they do to keep their pressure at bay? Many students say that they keep a jug of coffee during exam hours to stay awake and finish their portions on time. Some others say that energy drinks keep them awake during exam time and during night duty.

There is also another set of students who take tablets which can keep them awake. Roopa says, “I have to prepare for my MD entrance and I just do not have enough time. Moreover, I am looking forward for a merit seat. When this is the case, I have no other option but to go for tablets which helps me stay awake. I am not addicted to it. I can do without it also. But I want to be the best and I have no other go.” Maria says, “There is so much to study and so less time. I am always short of time and I cannot afford to sleep as I have so much to do. I know there are pills which can help me stay awake and this way I spend more time on my studies. I have not made it a habit,” she also adds, “I don’t take them often. Only when I am really short of time, I go for it, otherwise coffee is always there for my rescue.” 

Not all students have fallen prey to this habit. There are those who use less harmful means to stay awake. Sana  says, “It is very essential for me to score good marks. Considering the vast portions I have, I do not have enough time to study. So I take energy drinks which help me stay awake for long hours and I can study well.”

(A few names have been changed on request)

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