The glitter and the gold

The glitter and the gold

Fashion Extravaganza

The glitter and the gold

If there’s one thing that the students at Baldwin Methodist College know, it’s how to greet their freshers with style.

The seniors recently put together a party meant exclusively for the new batch of students at the college.

Like all such occasions, the event included a sort of freshers’ competition — but to add a glamourous element to it, they centred the event around a fashion show, with the freshers strutting up and down the ramp dressed in their best.

The students of the college were in for an additional treat, since the occasion also played host to Sandalwood actress Neettoo.

Dressed in a baby-pink kurta and hot-pink tights, Neettoo was clearly in her element as she sashayed up the aisle of the hall to take her seat and later, climbed onto the stage to deliver a short speech.

The students cheered loudly for her, as she giggled and replied, “What are you guys doing? Are you hooting at me? Be louder, I can take it.”

The students were clearly anticipating the fashion show, as muted cries of “Bring on the models!” filled the hall. And they weren’t disappointed.

The show transpired to be as glamourous as it had promised, with a bevy of beautiful models, flashing strobe lights and pulsating music.

The freshers strutted up and down the stage, wearing designs which were both
elegant as well as extravagant.

Predominantly Indian, but with a slightly Western touch, the clothes were the centre of attention at the event.

While one girl walked the ramp in a lilac and butter-yellow ghagra choli, embellished with gold, another wore a lehenga and blouse which were worked in shades of lime-green, crimson and layered with gold.

Most of the girls wore catchy hairpieces, which were made of faux diamonds and shaped like large lilies.

The boys stuck to kurtas and sherwanis, but there was no dearth of creativity as far as the colours were concerned.

 One boy stuck to simple black kurta, with a snake-skin pattern across the front, which he accessorised with an eye-catching neckpiece made of large red stones.