Fans in two minds on Baba joining politics

 Though Baba Ramdev has ruled out any chance of going the Team Anna way of entering politics, his supporters at the Ramlila Maidan stand divided over the issue.

While some supported the position taken by the yoga guru, others – mostly the youth – opined that Ramdev should take the political plunge.

“History of ancient India is replete with cases, wherein the saints have always been the spiritual leaders of the Indian civilisation. They have always shown the way, but have also remained away from the power game,” said Anil Verma from Kannauj.
Another supporter said the yoga guru should restrict himself to what he has been doing since long – helping people stay healthy.

“Power is very infectious, it can affect anybody in power. Baba Ramdev might provide an alternative political front, but it is still doubtful whether everybody involved would remain honest over the long term,” said Sohan Singh of Jhajjhar.

“It’s more important to enlighten the conscience of the masses, so that they choose the      right people as their representatives and always act in the interest of the nation. Baba Ramdev has been doing that with Patanjali Yogapeeth, and he should continue doing so,” he added.  

The younger generation seemed more interested in advising the yoga guru to take the electoral plunge.

“I don’t think we can push things in the government beyond a point. It is important to be a part of the system to change the system. Just because he is a sanyasi, he shoudn’t forfeit his right as an Indian citizen to contest election,” said Amit Saxena, resident of Sambhal in Uttar Pradesh.

Those backing Ramdev to join politics said he has the basic structure available to run a political party. “Unlike Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev has a huge cadre of Bharat Swabhiman to back him up. The trust has its wings spread across the country. It won’t take much time to make an impact,” said Subhendu Vishwas from Kolkata.

While some spoke for and against the political idea, there were some who are ready to support him in every possible way. “I am least bothered about what measures he undertakes to weed out corruption from the country. I am with him in any case,” said Gopal Jalan, a Kolkata resident.

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