CPM hints at post-poll realignment of parties

The CPM has now hinted for a realignment of political forces in the country after the 2014 Lok Sabha elections through an editorial published in party’s mouthpiece “People’s Democracy.”

“Unwittingly, Advani seems to be reluctantly admitting that the country needs an alternative policy direction. He has further admitted that neither the BJP nor the Congress can provide leadership for such a shift in the policy trajectory which is required to benefit both the country and the people,” said senior CPM leader Sitaram Yechury, in the editorial. Yechury argued that both BJP and the Congress pursue same economic policies. “However, the country needs a new leadership which should revise these policies,” he said.

“On the count of the economic policies, both Congress and the BJP are committed to the neo-liberal agenda.  It is, thus, in India’s interest that a change is brought about post  general elections, which can provide leadership for such a policy shift,” he wrote.

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