Two constables forced to drink urine in Meghalaya

Two constables forced to drink urine in Meghalaya

A Meghalaya Police battalion instructor has been removed from duty after he made two recruit constables drink the urine of fellow trainees, police here said.

The incident took place Sunday in the 2nd Meghalaya Police Battalion in Goeragre in West Garo Hills district, after the duo fought with another recruit during lunch at a community kitchen, a police official said Friday.

Goeragre is around 300 km from here. The instructor allegedly asked three recruits to urinate in bottles and forced the two recruits to drink it in the presence of 600 constables during the night roll call, a police official said.

Taking suo moto action, Meghalaya Police authorities have replaced the training instructor and sought an explanation from him regarding the incident.

"This sort of punishment is unacceptable. He could have punished them with an extra drill," N. Rajamarthandan, commandant of 2nd Meghalaya Police battalion, told IANS.

He said a probe had also been ordered into the incident.

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