'I have close to 250 shoes'

'I have close to 250 shoes'

Yuvika Chaudhary cherishes her Sandalwood moments and is hoping that she will get her second Kannada film offer soon.

Last seen with Golden Star Ganesh in Maleyali Jotheyali, Yuvika recollects the great time she had with the cast and crew of the film. “That was an unforgettable experience, we spent shooting more than half the film in the rain, that’s something that I have never done before. I am open to doing more Kannada films if I get some good roles,” Yuvika tells Metrolife.

 She recalls the warmth she received when she was shooting for her debut
Kannada film. “Although it is a small industry, people working in Sandalwood are a professional lot. I had a great time when I was here, trying out the South Indian food and a few dishes that were exclusive to Karnataka as well,” she says.    

The young lady who has her hands full with Bollywood projects confesses that she wants to graduate from running around trees to more mature character-oriented roles. She’s shooting for Afra Tafri, which is a comedy film where she plays the lead opposite Suniel Shetty. “The role is tailor-made for me. I have transformed from the girl-next-door kind of looks to a more mature one,” she says.

In addition to movies, Yuvika has also been getting a couple of offers to participate in reality shows but she chooses to stick to films for now. “I don’t want to get too greedy and like to take things one at a time. I am young and hope to explore the actor in me rather than get stuck in something that is routine and predictable,” she observes.

Very few people also know that Yuvika has a fetish for shoes and watches.
“My collection of shoes stands at 250 and I’ve lost count of my watches and bags. I am particular that my accessories match the clothes I wear,” she wraps up.

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